The Order of Reviewing of Manuscripts

All scientific articles submitted to the journal «History: facts and symbols» undergo peer review.

The managing editors of the journals in a research area is determined by design requirements, evaluate the efficiency of the ideas expressed by the author, and sent for review to a specialist, doctor or candidate of Sciences who are closest to the topic scientific specialization, as well as publications on the topic of the reviewed article.
The peer review process in each case is determined by the responsible editors of the journal with the creation of conditions for maximum rapid publication of articles. The maximum term of reviewing — two months.

The review necessarily reflect in accordance with established requirements:

  • general scientific level;
  • the name and its conformance to the content of the article;
  • the relevance of the topic;
  • scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance of the article;
  • the structure of the work;
  • discussion and /or incorrect provisions;
  • correct terminology;
  • consistency of presentation;
  • knowledge of scientific style;
  • accurate cetatii and status of finding AIDS;
  • compliance with the requirements of the article in «the Herald.»
  • opinion of the reviewer about the possibility of publishing the article.

The review shall be certified in the manner prescribed in the institution where the reviewer works.

The review is confidential. The author of the article is given the opportunity to review the text of the review. Violation of confidentiality is possible only if the reviewer declares unreliability or falsification of materials contained in the article.

If the review contains recommendations on correction and revision of the article, the staff of the scientific-methodical Department send the author the text of the review by e-mail with the offer to consider the comments in preparing a new version of the article or to refute them with reason. The modified (revised) paper is resubmitted for review within one month.

The article not recommended reviewer for publication, to be re-reviewed. Text negative review sent to the author by e-mail, Fax or regular mail.

The positive review is not sufficient grounds for the publication of the article, the final decision on publication is made by the editorial Board.

After acceptance by the editorial Board approved the article for publication, the staff of the scientific-methodical Department shall inform the author and indicate the date of publication. The text of a positive review can be sent by e-mail, Fax or ordinary mail to the author in case his desire to see the review.